Box Rules

“You’re late if you’re on time, you’re on time if you’re 5 minutes early”

Give yourself plenty of time to change, warm up your body, and to eliminate those Pre-WOD nerves (empty your bladder). Typically, this means you should arrive 5-10 minutes early.

“Leave your bad day at the door”

Everyone is here for the same reason. No one wants to carry your bad day for you so leave your bad attitude at the door. Be positive, have fun, and push yourself and those around you to do better. Never say “I can’t” because Coach Stephanie will make you do 5 burpees every time she hears those words. “Get a little better, every day!”

“Check your ego at the door”

You should not be bothered by the 18 year old warming up with your PR. There will always be someone bigger, faster, and stronger than you.

“Don’t cheat the movements”

No one cares what your score was but they care if you cheated. Be honest with not only everyone around you but more importantly, yourself. You should all know what full range of motion is so there are no excuses for not completing the movement. If someone says you need to fully extend something, listen to them. It’s probably a coach who is not tired, out of breath, and is focused. We’ve all been through Barbara or Nancy and know how tired and biased we can be when we can’t feel our hands or quads.

“1 Ah Ah Ah, 2 Ah Ah Ah”

If you lose count, start over. So don’t lose count. If you acknowledge you have difficulty keeping count (because we know, there’s a lot to track: reps, rounds, time, etc) let someone  know and we will help you!

“Put your toys away”

Clean up your sweat angels, blood, and puke. We hope we never have to say this more than this once but please do not spit on our floor. Pick up your used tape, markers, notebooks, band-aids, water bottles, and sweaty clothes. Put all the equipment away in its correct place, stack boxes neatly, bars on racks, plates in order, and hang your bands and jump ropes.

“You ain’t gotta go home but you can’t stay here”

Please respect other member’s training. Once your class is done, you’ve caught your breath, cooled down, and your toys are put away please try not to disturb the next class. They need the same amount of time to warm up and empty their bladders just like you.


We at CrossFit Lifted consider all of our members as part of the family and because we are family, we may not always be politically correct. We are all here to have fun, interact with other members of our “family” who happen to share the same goals. We laugh hysterically (Orange Peanut?), cuss (guilty!), fart (sniff sniff…huh?), yell, scream, grunt, and make really funny faces doing it. You will too.

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