At CrossFit Lifted, we are committed to seeing you achieve your goals and passionate about helping you along the way. Whether you want to get stronger, lose weight, or run a marathon for the first time, each of our talented and knowledgable coaches will seek out ways to help you exceed your own expectations and live a positive, healthy lifestyle!



Owner, Head Coach

CrossFit CF-L2 Trainer, CrossFit CF-L1 Trainer, CrossFit Kids Certificate, CrossFit Gymnastics Certificate, CrossFit Mobility Certificate, USAW Sports Performance Coach

Joey became involved with CrossFit in early 2011. After his first CrossFit workout, he became instantly addicted. Over the next several months he worked to become proficient at as many movements as he could, and in December of 2011, Joey became a CrossFit Level 1 coach. He put in several hours instructing and programming workouts as well as participating in several CrossFit competitions. Joey soon began to teach classes from his backyard. This quickly evolved into a full-fledged gym being run out of his garage, with over 40 members. He now strives to create a community based on health, fitness, and teamwork.


Joey and his wonderful wife, Irma, have 2 amazing and beautiful daughters named Ava and Madeleine, and a handsome 2-year-old son named Greyson. His passion for teaching and making people fit would not be possible without their constant love and support.


Joey’s favorite color is pink, so if you ever catch him not wearing it, call him out and it's 10 burpees on the spot! But if you're wrong, it's 20 burpees for you instead!




Crossfit Cf-L1 Trainer, CrossFit Strongman Certificate, CrossFit Mobility Certificate, USAW Sports Performance Coach, 2016 CrossFit Games Athlete

Marilyn is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.  Marilyn has always been very active and in January 2012 when her son Joey introduced her to CrossFit she couldn't wait to learn more about it.  As a long time skydiving instructor Marilyn has always enjoyed teaching people how to meet challenges outside of their comfort zone.  CrossFit Lifted is the perfect arena for this.  Marilyn loves the variety of people and the varitey of fitness that CrossFit brings to her life.  Marilyn spends her time outside of the CrossFit Lifted box skydiving & horseback riding with her husband Doug and playing with her grandchildren Ava, Maddie, and Greyson.


Coach Marilyn made her debut appearance at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games and finished 7th in the 60+ Master's Division.




CrossFit CF-L1 Trainer

Doug started his CrossFit journey in 2012 after his son, Joey, became a CrossFit trainer. Doug and his wife, Marilyn, started training in Joey’s backyard and despite the pain they both loved the fitness levels they achieved with CrossFit. Doug became a Level 1 Trainer in September of 2015 and enjoys introducing new athletes to CrossFit and watching their progression through the sport. He loves the variety of the workouts that make every day a new challenge for him and the community that makes up CrossFit Lifted. Life away from CrossFit includes skydiving, horseback riding and three very active grandchildren that equal any CrossFit workout.




CrossFit CF-L1 Trainer

Hilary joined the CrossFit Lifted community in May of 2015. As a kid, Hilary was very active in gymnastics and soccer and continued playing soccer in her college years. Her first ever CrossFit class was a quick 6 rounds of 10 wall balls and a 200m run, and her second was Murph. She couldn’t move her arms for a week, but knew she had found something that would be very special to her. It has been five years since her first class, and she still gets the same butterflies at the 10 second countdown before any wod. When Hilary is not at the box, she is either photographing an event, managing a website, creating graphics for companies, or trying to catch a nap.



Coach + Weightlifting

CrossFit CF-L1 Trainer

In high school, Luis was introduced to and fell in love with Olympic weightlifting, but when he graduated, training came to a halt. Luis found CrossFit in late 2012 looking for a place where he could once again practice Olympic weightlifting. He signed up right after his first fundamentals class knowing that this was something special. Later, he was talked into doing “FRAN” and the rest is history.  Outside the gym, Luis likes to use his fitness to ride dirt-bikes, play sports, and eat….. because food is life 🙂




CrossFit CF-L1 Trainer

Coach bio coming soon.




CrossFit CF-L1 Trainer

Coach Alisa started CrossFit in July 2015, and loved the intensity and the competitiveness it offers. After graduating from Dowling College and finishing her college softball career, she didn’t know what the next step was for her athletically. She returned to CrossFit Lifted, fell love with CrossFit again, and there was no looking back. Alisa says about CrossFit: "This sport has no limits, you’re constantly striving to get better and push your body to new limits." As a coach, Alisa’s greatest passion is to see people enjoy making themselves better, and watching people day in and day out push themselves past their perceived limits and completely change their lives. Outside of the gym, Alisa is either fueling up for her next training session or napping–you could most likely catch her napping any time of the day.



Coach + Nutrition

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, CrossFit CF-L1 Trainer, ACE Personal Training Certified

Coach 'Meli' has been doing CrossFit for 2.5 years now and when she started, she'll admit, she just wanted to get fit--but the skills she has acquired since starting have exceeded her expectations. In the process, she has gained self-esteem, drive, passion, and mental focus, which not only help in an active gym setting, but also in her day-to-day life. Meli believes that our livelihood starts here--within the CrossFit community--and she wants nothing more than to help you find and build your strengths, both mentally and physically. She is always learning from her fellow coaches, athletes, and students, and she hopes they can learn from her too.




CrossFit CF-L1 Trainer

Coach Emma began at CrossFit Lifted in July 2015 and immediately fell in love with the sport and the community. Before that, she dabbled in many sports including volleyball, basketball, and rowing. No workout had ever had her lying on her back gasping for air like her first-ever CrossFit workout. Emma is passionate about teaching and helping people achieve their goals. When she’s not at the box, you can catch her at a local coffee shop drinking strong black coffee or taking photos and traveling.


If you're not ready for a group class, or you're looking for one-on-one attention, we offer personal training with one of our talented coaches to help you reach your goals. Contact us today and let us help you get started on your fitness journey!