Friday 7-21-17

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CrossFit Lifted – CrossFit

Power Clean

5 minute refresher on power cleans.

E2MOM 4:

6 reps at 60%


Stay light and do not concern yourself with percentage work. Focus on form and technique


I’m well aware that you guys just cleaned in a WOD on Wednesday. Every once in awhile you’ll have to do something twice in one week. I have the utmost confidence that you’ll succeed. 💪

Power Clean

E2MOM 4:

4 power cleans at 70%

Power Clean

E2MOM 4:

2 power cleans at 80%

Metcon (Time)

Brief man maker demo, then for time:

5 rounds:

75 double unders (125 singles)

7 man makers (45/25)

NOTE: we will not be drilling double unders today, so if you have not performed double unders efficiently yet, please do singles on the jump rope instead.

20 minute cap.

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