WOD – 11-07-14 Friday

November 6, 2014 jkwuest No comments exist
Strength: 10-15 Minutes to establish a 1rm Overhead Squat
4 Rounds for Max Reps (1 minute at each station)
Calorie Row
Deadlifts 185/125#
I know that this time of year it can be hard to harness motivation to continue hitting it hard day after day. The easiest and most beneficial thing that I have found to keep me grounded and to keep me pressing on is progress. Looking back to when I first started this journey to where I am today is such a huge confidence booster. We all started somewhere, and for most of us, that somewhere was at the bottom of the bottom. Find what motivates you and hold it close. Accomplishing your fitness goals can take years and sometimes decades, don’t get discouraged but rather be motivated at all the progress you have already made. Stay Lifted everyone!

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