WOD – 12-4-13 Benchmark Wednesday

December 3, 2013 jkwuest 5 comments


10 MINUTES of barbell refresher movements (thruster, deadlift)




Because of the overwhelming attendance (clearly I’m joking) on Wednesday recently, I’m not posting the WOD, you’ll have to find out when you get here. Keep in mind, these WODs are usually done in the name of people who have laid down their lives so we can continue to be free. Don’t cherry pick workouts. Come in, work hard, sweat, bleed and cry if you have to, but don’t give up.

A big presence tomorrow is what I would like to see guys. I believe in all of you and your ability to thrive through the worst. Come in and prove me right.

5 Comments on “WOD – 12-4-13 Benchmark Wednesday

  1. 5×4 (2 strict press +2 push press) @ 125#
    7×5 Deadlift @ 295#

    2x1000m row *rest 3 min between sets*
    3:47 & 3:46
    2x1200m run *rest 3 min between sets*
    4:27 & 4:23

    Skill: Squat Jerk
    *Was able to do 70# more on this movement than last week.*

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