WOD – 7-9-15 Thursday

July 8, 2015 jkwuest No comments exist

10 Minute EMOM:

5 handstand push-ups (strict or kipping)/one rope climb**

**If you do not have handstand push-ups in the bag yet, practice getting upside-down on the wall and hold for 10 seconds on even minutes, and do 6-8 box pikes on odd minutes. If you do not have a rope climb yet, do 2 planks. If you run a little behind in the EMOM because you are waiting for someone. no big deal.


3 min AMRAP:

100m farmer carry (55/35)

ME burpees with remaining time

rest 2 minutes

3 min AMRAP:

6 alternating DB snatches (55/35)

6 jumping squats

rest 2 minutes

3 min AMRAP:

box step-overs (20 inch box or less for all-55/35)



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