WOD – 8-17-15 Monday

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Contemplating life post-WOD



6 Min ladder up:

1 burpee

1 power clean (135/95)

2 burpees, 2 power cleans, etc.

rest 4 minutes

3 rounds for time:

7 burpees

7 power cleans (135/95)


Rest roughly 5 minutes from your finish time then:

5 sets, on your own:

Row 500m at 80%*

rest 2 minutes

*We established a max effort 500m row 2 weeks ago. If you were not here, find yours today. If you were here, use the number (hopefully you wrote it down or logged it like you were supposed to) to find your pace for today.


EXAMPLE: If my max effort 500m row is 2:00, there are 120 seconds in two minutes. 120x .20 (20%)= 24. Add 24 seconds to your max effort row, and you have your 80%, 2:24.


DON’T FORGET: Several of our competitors will be competing at the Affiliate Showcase this sunday 8-23 at the Fit Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center! Please come out and cheer them on to show your support!!

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