WOD – 8-7-15 Friday

August 6, 2015 jkwuest No comments exist

Every 90 seconds, for 5 sets:

Push Press x 6 at 75%


Every 90 seconds, for 5 sets:


5 at 75%

4 at 80%

3 at 85%

2 at 90%

1 at 95%

rest 2 minutes, then:

Backsquat at 80% max reps (no excessive pause at the top. Deep breath, brace, and squat)*

*same weight as last week, try to improve by at least one rep


3 min AMRAP:

DB box step overs (55/35)

rest 1 minute

1 min AMRAP:

double unders

1 min rest

3 min AMRAP:

manmakers (55/35)


Don’t forget that there will be NO CLASS this saturday. Come check out the competition at the gym and watch some of your very own competitors compete!!



Also, don’t forget to verify with your coach tomorrow foryour raffle tickets and make sure you also show them that you’ve posted to social media at least once this week!!




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