WOD – Thursday 12-26-13

December 25, 2013 jkwuest 1 comment


Dedication on Christmas Eve morning^ (Coach Korey, Coach Stephanie, Eddie Cruz, Maria Rincon, and Sarah not pictured)



“Annie likes to Clean”


double unders


*5 power cleans at the end of each round (135/95)(adv 175/115)

example: 50 double unders, 50 sit-ups, 5 power cleans etc.


rest 5 minutes then endurance:

3 rds:

200m run

rest 1 minute

400m run

rest 2 minutes

^pace for 200 and 400 should not deviate more than +-5 seconds each round




This is a tough time of year for those of us trying to get/stay in shape. Temptation is everywhere, and there is nothing wrong with celebrating the holidays, within reason. ¬†Keep your goals in mind. Eat the stuff that’s bad for you and the stuff that’s good for you, but keep yourself under control. It takes weeks/months/years to achieve some goals and only seconds/minutes/days to piss them away. Come in. Work hard. Play hard. Repeat.

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