WOD – Thursday – 8-20-15

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Skills: 15-20 minutes, athletes choice of following:

double unders/Kipping pull-ups/rope climbs/Kipping toes to bar

Have fun with this, but try to improve on a skill at the same time.


10 min AMRAP:

10 front squats (95/65)

15 HR Push-ups

box carry: to the first light post by the dumpsters, and back (big box/small box)*

RULES AND PENALTIES: Dropping or “slamming” the box: 10 burpees

Box must behind returned behind the designated line in the bay before the movement is completed.

*Thats right, I said BOX CARRY. However you want. I can’t even take credit for this. I’ve watched all of you struggle with how to walk with a plyo box (box jump box) both before and after a WOD, but never put two and two together as far as programming it as an odd-object lift/carry. It was Hilary Barreto who so elegantly stated one day, while struggling to put her box away, “one day Dave Castro is going to make athletes carry a box at the CrossFit Games, that would be horrible.”


Thanks, Hilary. We believe in innovation here at Lifted, so let’s beat him to the punch.




Emely and Jessie both have their own rendition of how to perform a weighted plank hold.

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