WOD – Tuesday 12-31-13

December 30, 2013 jkwuest 1 comment

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5 minutes of PVC power snatch technique

5×3 power snatch (heavier as you go, with an emphasis on form and technique)


WOD: 10 minute AMRAP:


1 rope climb

10 wallballs



800m fast tempo run, rest 15 seconds, 800m jog

rest 2 minutes 600m fast tempo run, rest 15 second, 600m jog

rest 90 seconds

400m fast tempo run, 15 second rest, 400m jog

rest 60 seconds

200m run fast tempo run, 15 second rest, 200m jog


your pace on the fast tempo run should be based on your best mile time. The jog should still be a decent pace, but slower for recovery.


please don’t forget, no 6:30, 7:45pm or kids class tomorrow, and the gym is closed on Wednesday, Happy New Year!!

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