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Let’s talk about the snatch! The snatch is the most complex exercise you will ever do…it requires power, strength, balance, stability, mobility, speed, accuracy and lot’s of patience. Many of you guys have never attempted a snatch 1rm so today we are going to give it a shot. Get on out there and get some…

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TEAM WOD………..     Congratulations to Coach Frank on a great performance at the Firefighter Throwdown.  Heres a pic of him doing a 225# thruster. Nice work dude.

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Today’s Moto “PULL”   Strength   Snatch First Pulls 7×1 @110% *Rest 30 seconds between pulls* Snatch High Pull 7×1 @80% *Rest 30 seconds between pulls*   WOD 9-7-5 Deadlift 275/185# (ADV. 315/205#) Burpee Pull Up (Adv. Muscle-up)   This should be HEAVY!  For those of you who need to scale, let’s shoot for 85-90%…

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Strength: 15 minutes to find heaviest 4-rep front-rack walking lunge (taken from the rack is ok) 3 rds: 400m run 15 push presses (115/75) 10 sit-ups 5 jumping squats Competitors:   http://www.crossfitinvictus.com/wod/february-19-2014-competition/

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Skill refresher: power cleans   “Wittman” 7 rds: 15 KB Swings (53/35) 15 power cleans (95/65) 15 box jumps (24/20) 35 minute cap   Competitors WOD: A. 3 rds for time: 50 DU 15 t2b 15 HSPU Rest 3 minutes B. 2 Squat snatches EMOM at 80% of 1RM for 10 minutes rest 3 minutes…

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Strength: 5-4-3-2-1  front squat   5 rounds: 2 bear complexes (135/95)(155/115) 4 HR push-ups (adv 45/25 deficit) 6 T2B 8 burpees Cashout: Accumulate 2 mins of plank holds, focusing on hollow body position   Competitors programming:   http://www.crossfitinvictus.com/wod/february-15-2014-competition/   Boys can wear Tutus too. #Liftedtutuswoldiers

February 16, 2014 jkwuest 2 comments

SKILL: Double/Triple Unders Let’s get these down people! Keep practicing even when you’re out of the gym! It’s an important movement to have down.  Arms in close, slightly in front, wrist twisted slightly outward and spin from the wrists. 3,2,1…GO!   WOD “13.3” 12 Min AMRAP 150 Wall Balls 20/14# 90 Double Unders 30 Muscle-Ups  

February 14, 2014 jkwuest 1 comment

    WOD- “Cupid’s Tears”   TBA as always.   Google away people, it’s a Lifted original so you won’t find it 😉   Joey’s Lifted Tutu Crew came to the box early Valentines morning dressed and ready for war.   Represent…..      

February 13, 2014 jkwuest 2 comments

Strength:  15 Minutes to Establish 1rm Overhead Squat   “Happy Valentine’s Day”   WOD: 4 Rounds 5 Snatch (Power or Full) 135/95# 50 Double Unders (Singles x3) 10 Toes 2 Bar        

February 12, 2014 jkwuest 2 comments

5 minutes of double under practice 5×3 deadlift at 80% of 1RM   10-8-6-4-2 HSPU (ADV 45/25 DEFICIT) DB snatch (55/35) ADV KB snatch-alternating **200m run between rounds   Cashout: accumulate 2 minutes of plank hold   Every once in awhile, I get tired and I stare at the bar and I think “WHY DO…