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CrossFit Lifted – Competitor’s Class

From this date until the open, you guys (those of you serious about your best open performance) should be prepared to put your social life on hold, because we have a lot to do and limited time to do it.

The open starts in the last week of February, and will last a total of 5 weeks. CrossFit HQ will release a workout each week that you will perform at the box and be judged on. These workouts will range in intensity, length, and skill level.

Below are the new EMOM standards until the open. Please do not slack on these, as they are designed for your optimum performance headed into the open. If you have questions, please feel free to ask


MWF (all work below unless otherwise noted)

EMOM 15:


1 legless rope climb to 15 feet, or as many pulls as possible. Increase by one pull each week (if you were only able to get 2 pulls, increase to three next week. continue until you have completed a legless rope climb)

NOTE: If you cannot complete one pull legless yet, perform one rope climb with feet, but reattempt a pull legless each day at the beginning of the session.


chest to bar pull-ups x 5 reps UB (if you cannot complete 5 chest to bar pull-ups unbroken, please complete the amount you can unbroken, then complete the remaining reps to 5 with regular pull-ups. Up one rep each week.

NOTE: If you cannot perform a chest to bar pull-up yet, please complete with regular pull-ups, but start each weeks session with an attempt at a chest to bar pull-up. If you cannot complete one regular kipping pull-up, please perform 5 UB pull-ups with the lightest band possible, but attempt a pull-up at the beginning of each week.


ring dips x 5 reps UB (attempt UB each set, but complete the set of 5 even if you cannot do them UB). Increase by 1 rep each week.

NOTE: If you cannot complete 5 ring dips, complete the amount that you are able to, and finish the rest with a band, but attempt 5 unbroken at the beginning of the session each week.

Every 30 seconds for 5 minutes:

7 UB Wallballs (30/20 – to 10′ mark. Use a target when available). Build by one rep each week.

NOTE: If you cannot complete 7 unbroken, find the number that you can complete, and use that as your baseline to build on each week. It is VERY important that you use the specified weight, and throw to the specified height.

Every 45 seconds, until 20 reps are completed:

SHSPU X 2 reps

Once 20 reps has been completed, rest one minute, then complete one max effort set of UB kipping HSPU



600M BW Sled pull UB

NOTE: This means exactly what it says, UNBROKEN. NO REST. If I find that people are getting to the turn around point and taking excessive break time, we will start going around the building again.


Muscle UP 1-1-1-1-1 (one set pre-session, one set post session, for a total of 10)

NOTE: Try your best to make every one of these a successful attempt. Build on efficiency each session, and try to decrease rest time between sets each week. Add one rep each week.


2 sets:

5+5 UB ring rows (feet on box, body as planked as possible, pull rings all the way to chest in a strict fashion. Short break (seconds) between reps of 5. Add one rep each week.

rest 30 seconds

5 box or banded MU transition drills (pull to catch) Add one rep each week.

rest 1 minute

NOTE: if you are not yet performing muscle ups, you will perform ONLY these drills, but Monday as well.

I know this is a lot of work, but it is doable. Instead of standing around chatting for 15 minutes at a time, motivate each other to get work done, and chat after.

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