Keep Your Health Goals On Track

Your wellness is our #1 priority and although we love our gym space, we believe in establishing a support system that extends well beyond the walls of a physical place. During this time, we hope to provide you with content to keep you healthy and on track for success.


Here are some ways we are trying to keep your health and fitness routine as normal as possible.



Virtual Private Training

Need some extra accountability while at home? Our Coaches are ready to help you take charge of your health and personalize your fitness routine to meet your goals.


Connect with a CrossFit Lifted coach and get started today!



Kids CF




We are currently using ZOOM™, an app used for video conferencing, to host our live classes on MONDAY WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY. Current members are encouraged to join either class time (or both!) and enjoy working out in a community again!

Download ZOOM™ and Join us today!

Nutrition Guidance

Snacking too much in quarantine? Contact Coach Meli today for tips and strategies for staying on track with your meals. 

Hero Reloads

We look forward to continue providing you with healthy, convenient meals. Stop by during our weekly equipment check-outs to pick up some fresh meals for you and your family.