Friday 10-19-18

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Front Squat

PVC/EMPTY Barbell warm up, then take 5 minutes to build 70%, then an additional 12 minutes to find a new 1RM.

30 manmakers (Time)

30 manmakers (55/35)

10 minute cap.

NOTE: if you do not make the cap, no big deal, but make sure you note how many you got. We will test this every three to four months, and you need to use it as an aid in tracking your progress.
The “Lifted” manmaker does NOT require a squat. It’s one push-ups, a left arm dumbbell row, a right arm dumbbell row, a dumbbell power/muscle clean, and a push press.

If you do not make the cap, please record the reps you missed as seconds added to the cap time.

Example: 4 incomplete reps= 10:04 (cap time plus 4 seconds)

Metcon (Weight)

3 sets:

100m front rack double KB walk (as heavy as possible)

NOTE: do these with a partner and once they return, start your set. These are NOT KB on the shoulder, you should be holding them with fists together (knuckles of each hand touching) and the KB resting on the upper arm. Brace the core and do not lean into your lower back.

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