Friday 12-11-15

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CrossFit Lifted – CrossFit

Don’t forget:

This weekend Team Sleighin’ (Hilary and Alisa) it will be competing at the KillCliff Reindeer Games in Del Mar. This is a large competition, which will no doubt be packed with TONS of talent. Please come down to the Del Mar Fairgrounds saturday and have some fun cheering them on!! Get it girls!

(I will also be there getting my fitness on, but trust me, the main show will be these two girls ^^, throwin’ down!!

Overhead Squat (2 reps, every 90 seconds for 6 sets (88-90%))

Programming Note:

We will retest our 1RM next week, so please resist the urge to try to hit a 1RM PR today.

Metcon (Time)


front squats (185/135-from the ground)

KB Swings (70/44)

Cash out

3 sets, not for time:

6 dumbbell floor presses (choose weight)

at 30 second mark:

30 second left side plank

30 second right side plank

rest 30 seconds


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