Friday 7-29-16

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CrossFit Lifted – CrossFit

Thruster 5×3

Every 90 seconds for 5 sets:

3 thrusters at 85% (from the rack)

NOTE: if this is a new movement and you are starting mid-cycle, focus on form and technique before load

This will be the last week of the cycle.

Metcon (Time)

7 rounds for time:

5 hang power cleans (95/65)

5 front squats

5 push presses

5 back squats

12 min. Cap

Metcon (No Measure)


One set, for constant movement:

20 burpees

“Constant Movement” means never stopping. Play around with pace and figure out your body’s threshold for this particular movement. Go as slow or as fast as you want, but do not pause, and NEVER stop.

Metcon (Weight)

1 set:

50 weighted situps (choose weight)

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