Friday 9-14-18

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CrossFit Lifted, CrossFit Lifted South – CrossFit

Front Squat

E2MOM 8:

Front squats with a 1 second pause

Set 1: 10 at 50%

Set 2: 8 at 60%

Set 3: 6 at 70%

Set 4: 4 at 75%

NOTE: please hold yourself accountable during your pause at the bottom. You should descend below parallel, pause, count “one one-thousand” then stand. Don’t cheat yourself.

Record the weight of your last lift.

Metcon (Time)



Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (55/35)

15 minute cap.

Metcon (Weight)

200m KB/DB Carry (left arm farmer carry DB, right arm shoulder rack KB.

Rest 30 seconds then switch arms and arm positions.

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