Monday 1-9-17

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Squat Clean

E2MOM 12:

3 squat cleans at 70%

NOTE: Please continue to focus on form and efficiency in the movement. If form is off or you are struggling to move correctly, please reduce the percentage to work on technique.

Metcon (Time)

For time:

15 shoulder to overhead

8 back squats (OHS for RX)

12 shoulder to overhead

7 front squats

9 shoulder to overhead

6 back squats

NOTE: These movements and rep schemes are part of the competition WODs for this Saturday. If you are competing, please use the weights and movements listed on the board for your division. If you are not competing, scale however you would like and have fun with it, but challenge yourself. WEIGHTS FOR THE NEXT MOVEMENT MUST REMAIN BEHIND THE PULL-UP RIG FOR SAFETY.

6 minute cap.

At minute 8:

Metcon (Time)

400m overhead walk (45/25)

Every time you break, perform 5 burpees before continuing.

No time cap.

Metcon (No Measure)

Comp Prep:

Spend 5-10 minutes working on dumbbell snatches at various weights. Use the weights and rep counts listed for the dumbbell snatch ladder in your division (on the board) as guidance. Work on satisfying the standard of the movement, but moving the weight quickly.

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