Monday 12/7/15

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CrossFit Lifted – CrossFit

Don’t forget:

This weekend Team Sleighin’ (Hilary and Alisa) it will be competing at the KillCliff Reindeer Games in Del Mar. This is a large competition, which will no doubt be packed with TONS of talent. Please come down to the Del Mar Fairgrounds saturday and have some fun cheering them on!! Get it girls!

Every minute, on the minute, for 9 minutes:

Power Clean (Minutes 1-3 / 3 reps at 70-75%)

Power Clean (Minutes 4-6 / 2 reps at 80-85%)

Power Clean (Minutes 7-9 / 1 rep at 90-95 %)

This is the same rep scheme as last week. Your goal should be to improve 5-10 pounds on each lift. Touch and go with good technique is preferred, but dropping between reps to achieve and work on perfect set-up is allowed.

NOTE: We will repeat this one more time next week, so be prepared to push yourselves.

Metcon (6 Rounds for time)

Every 4 minutes, for 24 minutes:

400m run

25 wallballs (20/14)
Please note your time for each individual round.

Metcon (Weight)

3 rounds:

30 second nose to wall handstand hold

30 seconds rest

15 unbroken russian KB Swings (choose weight)

30 seconds rest

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