New You Day 9

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CrossFit Lifted – New You Challenge

Metcon (Time)

“Glass Half Full”

10 rounds for time:

10 wallballs (10# ball, full depth)

100m run

10 DB Snatches (15-25#)

25 ft. Bear crawl

NOTE: I’m going to put a loose 30 minute cap on this workout, but i would like everyone to finish.

ONE RULE: The SECOND you finish, you must immediately pick someone that is still working and cheer them on. The workout should finish with everyone cheering until the ladt person finishes their last bear crawl.

You have all worked very hard for this, and you are half way through your challenge, but the new lifestyle you have chosen for yourself is lifelong. Although this is a 6 week test of fitness, you should start thinking about your long term goals, and set out to accomplish things the previous you only dreamed of. the sky is the limit!

Cash out

3 sets:

35 weighted sit ups (10-15#)

Rest one minute

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