Thursday 10-25-18

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Metcon (No Measure)

10-15 minutes of gymnastics free play

Trouble getting into a hand stand? Double unders? Kipping pull-ups? Rope climbs? Walking on your hands? Use this time to work on one or two skills and practice a little bit, and the coach will come around and help you out. You’re not going to perfect it today, so be patient. Skillwork is a marathon, not a sprint.

Metcon (Calories)

Option A:

5 sets:

3 minutes of easy biking or rowing (not scored)

3 minutes of moderate stretching or foam rolling

Option B:

5 sets:

3 minutes of max effort rowing or assault bike for calories

3 minutes of rest.

NOTE: Option A is for the athlete that has been consistent all week, and is feeling wrecked as a result.

Option B is for the athlete that feels decent and is ready to mash the gas pedal, even though it’s Thursday.

Be reasonable about which athlete you feel like today and listen to your body.

If you are athlete B, you are going to get plenty of rest and each round, so we expect you to really push the limits.

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