Tuesday 10-1-19

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CrossFit Lifted, CrossFit Lifted South – CrossFit

Route 91 Tribute: Country Strong (Time)

58 wallballs (30/20)

500m row

Then 10 rounds for time:

100m sandbag run (if sandbags run out, you MUST carry SOMETHING).

17 burpees

40 minute cap.

If you have a weight vest, you may substitute that for the sandbag, but you must wear it for the entire workout.

Cashout: once the cap is completed and everyone has finished, please form a circle and do burpees around the circle, one at a time, until the number 91 is reached in total.

58: number of innocent lives lost

500: more than 500 innocent people physically injured

10-1(00)-17: date of occurence

91: Route 91 Harvest Festival

#countrystrong #route91 #prayforvegas
This is NOT a partner workout, but you may treat it as such if you would like. There will be a partner workout tomorrow.

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