Tuesday 6-12-18

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CrossFit Lifted – CrossFit

Hang Power Clean

Every 90 seconds for 5 sets:

4 at 85%

Experienced athletes, if you are comfortable with this movement and the listed percentages, please take the next 5-7 minutes building to the weight you plan on using.

New athletes:

Please use the next 10-12 minutes to work with the coach on form and technique while the experienced athletes complete the percentage work.

Metcon (Time)


Thrusters (95/65)

Toes to bar

*perform 25 double unders after each round

12 minute cap.

NOTE: if you do not complete the WOD by the time cap, please add a second for every rep you missed as your time.

Example: at 12 minutes, still 10 reps left= 12:10

Metcon (No Measure)

3 sets:

30 second left side plank

30 second right side plank

30 second rest

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