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Coach | CrossFit CF-L1

Hi! My name is Alisa (aka Big Al).  I’ve been doing CrossFit just shy of 5 years now and coaching for 4 of those years. I would love to get the opportunity to help you achieve your personal goals whether that be gaining strength, cardiovascular endurance, just toning up… I’m ya girl! I coach on a very personal level, which means I try to be as accessible as possible and keep the tough training sessions fun as well. Our ultimate goal will be to work hard every session and see that specific goal of yours flourish!


Coach | CrossFit CF-L1 | NASM Certified Personal Coach

I’m a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and a NASM Certified Personal Coach. I currently coach CrossFit and Bootcamp classes at South as well as private personal training. 


I’ve gone from a morbidly obese type 2 diabetic to someone who has done triathlons, GORUCK, Spartans, USAPL Powerlifter and climbing the highest mountain peak in the lower 48… all in my late 40’s!


I know what it takes to dedicate yourself to a fitness goal and I can help you accomplish yours.


Coach | CrossFit CF-L1

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Coach | CrossFit CF-L1

My name is Kevin Royse. I’ve been doing Crossfit since 2010 and have been coaching/training members for the past 5-6 years of that. I treasure the opportunities to help members and clients reach their goals within fitness. Wellness is a long journey, welcome the chance to help you plot your course to a healthier and fitter you.


Coach | CrossFit CF-L1

Hi I’m Coach Paul! I have a competitive soccer background prior to joining and serving in the US Air Force. I have years of fitness and workout experience both from my time in the US Military and in the private sector. I have been doing CrossFit for nearly 10 years now and coaching adults and kids with a wide range of experience, skill, and ability levels. I love to help athletes achieve their goals in a safe and fun environment while being pushed beyond their limits with my own high energy brand of motivation and positivity!