Wednesday 5-9-18

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CrossFit Lifted – CrossFit

Gonzo (Time)

For time:
12 manmakers (55/35)

30 burpees over both dumbbells

93 calorie row

11 manmakers

10 burpees over dumbbells

75 calorie row

9 manmakers

18 burpees over dumbbells

47 calorie row

40 minute cap.

In just a couple short weeks,

Jimmy “Gonzo” Gonzales will be headed off to the Air Force on a lengthy journey to become a ParaRescue Jumper. Before he left to become a Marine, I had the pleasure of coaching this young man and training along side him close to 7 years ago.

Now, he’s headed off again to another branch of the military, to serve our country so we can continue to enjoy freedom.

Thank you for your service, Sir. Your presence will be missed around here.

Significance of numbers:

12-30-93: Jimmy’s Birthday

11-10-1775: date of formation of the United States Marine Corps.

9-18-1947: date of formation of United States Air Force

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