WOD – 01-22-14 – Wednesday

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Benchmark Wednesday!

Skill: Burgener Warmup/Power Snatch




75 Power Snatches for time @75/55#
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2 Comments on “WOD – 01-22-14 – Wednesday

  1. This one is personal for me. Randy was a good friend and partner of my Father. I had the great pleasure of chopping it up with him a few months before his EOW. I’ve never done this WOD and have been waiting for the opportunity to pour my heart into it. TOMORROW IT HAPPENS. CAN’T WAIT!

  2. Sorry for your loss Papo, tell your Dad that we honored Randy today.

    Find 1RM Push Press – 185# (5# under PR)
    7×1 Mid Hang Snatch @135#
    7×1 Mid Hang Clean @180#

    13 UB Wall Balls
    50 Double Unders
    5 Muscle Ups
    13 UB WB
    40 DU
    4 MU
    13 UB WB
    30 DU
    3 MU
    13 UB WB
    20 DU
    2 MU
    13 UB WB
    10 DU

    -> 7:38

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