WOD – 02-21-14 Friday

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Today’s Moto “PULL”



Snatch First Pulls
7×1 @110%
*Rest 30 seconds between pulls*
Snatch High Pull
7×1 @80%
*Rest 30 seconds between pulls*



Deadlift 275/185# (ADV. 315/205#)
Burpee Pull Up (Adv. Muscle-up)
This should be HEAVY!  For those of you who need to scale, let’s shoot for 85-90% of your 1rm.
Competition wod
*Part B will be Power Cleans*
The CrossFit Games open starts a week from today. Workouts are announced on Thursday evenings and we will be programming them in for our wod on Friday for the next five weeks. If you haven’t signed up, it’s truly an awesome experience and I urge you do so.  For those of you who signed up, I suggest that during the course of the open you take Thursdays as a legitimate rest day and recover properly for each week. Everyone has been kicking some serious ass, keep the momentum rolling and let’s test exactly how fit we all are. 


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4 Comments on “WOD – 02-21-14 Friday

  1. 7×1 snatch pull #225
    7×1 high pull #135

    WOD 18:32 Adv

    Got straight smoked by big Korey this morning. I think I was happy just getting through all the muscle ups. This old man is tired!!!! Great job 9am class and thanks for the push

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