WOD – 03-24-14 Monday

March 23, 2014 jkwuest 3 comments
Skill: Handstand Holds 
– Beginners perform against a wall & Advanced perform freestanding
– Partner Spotting
– Hip alignment 
– Hand and finger control
100 Back Squats @115/75# (Adv. 135/95#)
EMOM Perform 5 Burpees
No racks, bar will be taken from the floor. The workout begins with the squats, perform the emom at 1:00. Make sure you’re getting to depth and coming to full extension on every rep. Hold yourselves to the standard! 15 Minute Time Cap.

3 Comments on “WOD – 03-24-14 Monday

  1. Skill: Didn’t practice Hand Stands (shoulder injured)

    92 reps @ 75# off the rack due to shoulder injury
    & Burpees for days!
    this was an intense one.

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