WOD – 03-31-14 Monday

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Congratulations to everyone who finished the 2014 CF Open. You should be extremely proud of yourselves for all the hard work you put in. Regardless of where you placed, walk away knowing that you gave it your all. The entire coaching staff is proud of each and every one of you. Today kicks off the chase for 2015! Stay Lifted!

Skill: Rope Climbs

7 minute EMOM perform 1 rope climb + 10 air squats (Sub. 2 rope planks) (ADV. legless)

WOD: 5x400m Run

– For this workout you will have 2:30 seconds to complete one 400m run, advanced will be 1:45. If you complete the work prior to 2:30, you get to rest until the start of the next interval. If it takes you longer than 2:30, you must continue straight into your next lap. Your score will be your slowest interval time. The goal is to give all out efforts each interval. 
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3 Comments on “WOD – 03-31-14 Monday

  1. Back squat 3×6 @195#
    Front Squat 3×6 @165#
    Overhead Squat 3×6 @150#

    Deadlift 3×10 @235#

    Competition WOD
    A) done (HS walk unbroken)
    B) done (145# loaded on sled/60# sandbag/8 HSPU)

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