WOD – 04-23-14 Wednesday

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Skill: Double Unders
WOD: “Hispanic Panic”
20 Minute AMRAP
4 Deadlift 265/175#
23 Wall Balls 20/14#
14 Double Unders (Singles x3)
I absolutely love our Lifted family and getting to train together. But it’s even more special having my family apart of the bigger Lifted community. Only a few years ago my mom was a habitual smoker and was not exercising. Today, she is more than 2.5 years smoke free and has been committed to CrossFit for over a year. I’m incredibly proud of you and seeing you push yourself day after day is extremely motivating. The box wouldn’t be the same without you. – Coach Korey
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3 Comments on “WOD – 04-23-14 Wednesday

  1. I’m not Hispanic and this has me in a panic lol. Those 23 Wall Balls though. Let’s have a potluck today instead of this WOD. JK. I can’t wait for class!

  2. Thanks everyone for making me feel SO SPECIAL!
    Today’s WOD was a great challenge… and the best part is I completed 6 rounds without fainting or throwing up!

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