WOD – 04-25-14 Friday

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Overhead Squat
1×5 @80%
1×3 @85%
3×1 @90%
For those of you who do not have a 1rm set for overhead squat, spend 15 minutes working up to your heaviest single. 
5x400m sprints
Rest 1 minute between sets. 
*Score is total working time*
For everyone who has not yet started to keep track of their workouts and PR’s I strongly suggest that you start. Logging your workouts is extremely useful in assessing progress. Being able to see where you were at a year ago and then compare it today is very motivating. The same goes for 1rm lifts, always write these down in a book or up on the PR board. Whenever you’re feeling like progress hasn’t been made, you can always refer back to your log book and see just how far you’ve come. Keep up the good work everyone! 
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