WOD – 04-28-14 Monday

April 27, 2014 jkwuest 3 comments
Congratulations to all of our Lifted athletes who fought hard and completed the Epic Series this past weekend! Here are some awesome shots of the keg run! 
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Skill: Pistols
We will be performing pistols later on in the week, so practice and get familiar with the movement and modifications. 
200m Run
5 Thrusters 115/75# (Adv. 135/95#)
10 Pull-ups (Adv. C2B)
400m Run
10 Thrusters 115/75# (Adv. 135/95#)
20 Pull-ups (Adv. C2B)
800m Run
15 Thrusters 115/75# (Adv. 135/95#)
30 Pull-Ups (Adv. C2B)

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