WOD – 1-4-14 Saturday

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First team WOD of the New Year!! Come be miserable together!!

This picture is bittersweet to me. Those of you who started with me in the garage remember those days not so long ago. Packed in like sardines, working out in the driveway, etc. Humble beginnings FOR SURE. I was taking down the pull-up rig that should be in this picture (to add to our new location for the new year), and realized where we had come from. For a second I was a little sad, seeing the garage abandoned. Then I realized where we landed. An awesome location, a ton of new members, and alot of great memories to be made.

Thanks for continuing to make this job fun. I get to come to the gym in sweatpants, get chalk all over myself, throw heavy weight around, and make people healthier, faster and stronger. What could be better than that?



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4 Comments on “WOD – 1-4-14 Saturday

  1. It is bitter sweet but Im excited for what’s yet to come. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and guiding us achieve what we didn’t know we could achieve.

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