WOD – 1-8-15 Thursday

January 7, 2015 jkwuest No comments exist


Option A: 12 min EMOM:

3 position deadlift+plus hang squat clean at 70% of 1RM squat clean

(2 second pause: 2 inches off the floor, below the knee, mid-thigh+hang squat clean)

Option B: Every 3 minutes, for 12 minutes:

400m run

Those that feel they need more conditioning and are not as interested in barbell work are free to choose option B, in lieu of the clean work.


For Time:

50 double unders

25 push presses (45/35)

50 double unders

20 push presses (65/45)

75 double unders

15 push presses (95/65)

75 double unders

10 push presses (115/75)

100m sprint to finish


We will have these optional conditioning sessions every week for those of you less interested in barbell work, but please remember to keep yourselves well-rounded. Out-lift a runner, out-run a lifter.

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