WOD – 10-13-14 Monday

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Cash In: Coach Stephanie’s birthday burpees! HAPPY 32ND BIRTHDAY STEPH!
Strength: Back Squat
Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes
5 @60%
5 @70%
3 @80%
2 @85%
2 @90%
10 @72-75%
18 Min EMOM
#1 – 30 Double Unders + 3 Pull-ups
#2 – 8 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20″
#3 – 12 Push Press 95/65#
I know, I know…This is the same workout as last Monday. For many of you, this workout was a struggle and we are going to retest it this week to see how you all handle having to face such a struggle one more time. If you had scaled the reps or the weight last week, try and improve this time around…even with the addition of one more round. The place outside of your comfort zone is where you grow. Will you choose to be better this week or let the challenge beat you down? 
CONGRATULATIONS to all of our competitors this weekend. Sal, Alan and Desiree gave it all at the NLI Final Series on Saturday and Ruben killed it at the 911 Throwdown on Sunday! Sal placed 13th out of 48th in division 2, Alan placed 6th out of 49th in division 3, Des placed 2nd out of 12 in division 2 and Ruben placed 19th. We are proud of all of you! You’re heart and hard work has definitely paid off! 
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