WOD – 10-9-14 Thursday

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“CrossFit Lifted Fitness Battery”

5 minutes at each station, for a total of 30 minutes:

High Jump

Rope Climb triples (scaled division does 9 rope planks)

20 cal row

400m run

1 minute max effort burpees

1 minute max effort HSPU (scaled division does pikes from a box-20/15)


What it is:


This going to be a fitness battery that we repeat every few months, not only designed to gauge our fitness in each movement, but  to gauge our fitness in comparison to each other. You will have 5 minutes at each station to complete the work at that station. At the end of 5 minutes, you will rotate to the next station. the order that you perform the stations in will be YOUR CHOICE, so game plan intelligently from one station to the next. If you cannot perform the movements to the RX standards, scale to the scaled division standards. If you cannot perform the scaled division standards, scale the tests to meet your needs, with the ultimate goal being to move into either the scaled or RX division.


How we will score it:


there will be three methods of scoring; time, distance, and reps.


IE: If your total elapsed time for the timed portions (row, run, rope climb triple) is 5:00, and your total elapsed reps/distance (HSPU, burps, high jump) is 60, your score for the test will be 4 minutes (5 minutes, minus 60 seconds, a second for each rep).


At the end of the day, we will record the highest 3 scores in RX for men/women, and the highest the 3 scores in SCALED for men/women. The top finisher in each category will receive a prize for winning.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE record your scores on the board with your division (RX/SCALED) so it is easy to calculate at the end of the day. If you did not qualify for either division. please record it as MOD next to your name, and we will try to get you into the next division next time through some good ol’ fashioned hard work!!


This is your opportunity to test yourself in something measurable, and repeatable, the bread and butter of CrossFit. This will eventually go on a top score board and will be a Benchmark at our gym. GOOD LUCK!!


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