WOD – 12-18-14 Thursday

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Skill: 5 minutes of double under practice

5×5 strict pull-ups*



Every 3 minutes, for 18 minutes (6 sets):

8 front squats (115/75)

4 man makers (45/25)

50 ft bear crawl

NOTE: If you start to have trouble completing the work within the alotted 3 minutes, scale the reps down (7 front squats, 3 man makers etc) but DO NOT stop.


*Use whatever band you have to in order to make these pull-ups strict, NO KIPPING. If you are able to easily complete strict pull-ups with no band, place a dumbbell between your feet or legs and add load from there to increase difficulty.




Man maker demo^^ (we will be doing a power clean instead of a squat clean)



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