WOD – 12-19-14 Friday

December 18, 2014 jkwuest No comments exist
Skill: Handstand Push-Ups
For Max Reps:
3 Minutes of Shoulder to Overhead 185/125#
Immediately followed by…
For Max Reps:
3 Minutes of Handstand Push-Ups
Immediately followed by…
For Time:
Lunges 95/63#
There is no rest period in between the workouts. From 0:00-3:00 complete #1, from 3:00-6:00 complete #2 and when the clock hits 6:00 immediately start working through #3. You will have three separate scores for this workout. For events 1 and 2 you will score total reps completed and for event 3 you will score your time. The lunges may be done either in the front rack or on your back. 

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