WOD – 2-13-14 Thursday

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5 minutes of double under practice

5×3 deadlift at 80% of 1RM




DB snatch (55/35) ADV KB snatch-alternating

**200m run between rounds


Cashout: accumulate 2 minutes of plank hold


Every once in awhile, I get tired and I stare at the bar and I think “WHY DO I DO THIS?”  Then, I quickly remember how I feel after a few days of not working out: sluggish, sore, guilty, demotivated, etc. My point is this: the bar is an inanimate object. It doesn’t care how you feel that day, how much sleep you got the night before, or what your finances look like. With that in mind, YOU should NOT let an inanimate object beat you down, determine how you feel, or force you into submission. Beat yourself down to build yourself up, and support everyone around you in the process.


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