WOD – 2-26-15 Thursday

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5 minutes of calf mashing

5 minutes of quad mashing



4 rounds, for total reps:

45 seconds ME OHS (65/45)

15 seconds rest

30 seconds ME SIT-UPS (weighted as an option:45/25)

30 seconds rest

45 seconds ME power cleans (65/45)

15 seconds rest

1 minute to run 100m (rest in time remaining in the minute)


Score is total reps for the entire 4 rounds. Score the run as follows:


1 rep for every second remaining in the minute once completed (example: finish 100 meter run in 25 seconds, remaining time in the minute is 35 seconds=35 reps)



3 sets:

8-10 proned snow angels

1 minute rest

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