WOD – 4-17-14 Thursday

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“Man-maker” demo


2 min AMRAP:

Man-makers (55/35) (dumbbell each hand)

rest 3 minutes

4 rds, one minute each station:

air squats

push jerk (45/35)

row (1 calorie=1 rep)


***one minute rest after each round***

score is total reps for man-maker and WOD,  separately.


Last couple of days to sign up for the XEndurance Karen challenge. It costs 10 bucks, you get an 8 day sample of XEndurance, as well as a scored Karen at the beginning and the end. post to comments if you have not already signed up but you are interested.

http://youtu.be/iMNnvhg1JcM               <=======Link to man-maker demo



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