WOD – 4-29-14 Tuesday

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SKILL/STRENGTH: Hang Power Snatch

5×5 at 65% of 1RM full power snatch*

*If you do not have a power snatch 1RM, use this time to find one



400m run, then:



Double Unders (singles 3 to 1)


400m run to finish


***20 minute cap***


Cashout: Max Effort Plank hold (on hands, hollow position. when you break the plank, (IE butt in the air or sagging hips) will be considered the end of your time. Record time on the board as a separate score).


I’d like to congratulate Ramiro, Dina, Jason, Aaron, Eddie, Anthony and Coach Steph on an amazing weekend of competition at the Epic Series in Del Mar. A special shout out to Aaron, Eddie and Dina for placing in the top 20 in their categories (Aaron 9th, ¬†and Eddie 13th in the mens division, Dina 11th in the women’s division). Everyone did very well and fought hard through several obstacles, you should all be very proud.


Stay Lifted…





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