WOD – 4-9-14 Wednesday

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“CrossFit Total”



Back Squat



You will have a total of 15 minutes on each movement. You will get 4 warm up sets (5-4-3-2) then you will have 3 attempts to work to a 1RM of each movement. It does matter which movement you start with. The Coach will monitor a strict 15 minutes on each movement. On call of  “rotate” or “switch” by the coach, you will switch to the next movement.

We don’t focus on solely weightlifting often, so move quickly, but enjoy yourselves and let’s see some big PRs!! Ring that Pig!!!!!!!!!

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3 Comments on “WOD – 4-9-14 Wednesday

  1. Two PR’s Today:
    Back Squat 130#
    Deadlift 240#
    (Still laying off the overhead – so I barely did a couple presses with the 35# bar only)
    Rowed 1000m 4:48

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