WOD – 7-10-14 Thursday

July 9, 2014 jkwuest No comments exist

Tabata Double Unders (8 rounds 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off) (singles are fine, but you should at least use this as a time to attempt double unders)

rest 2 minutes then,


Tabata plank holds (8 rounds on hands, not elbows)(advanced can place a 45/25 plate on their back during the plank)

rest 5 then,


for time:


Alt. DB Snatch (55/35)

Alt. Lunges (unweighted)

400m run


DB Snatch (55/35)




Count total reps on the double unders as one score, and finishing time on the WOD as another. The plank holds are core conditioning only and are not scored.

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