WOD – 9-14-15 Monday

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10 min SKILL: Double unders


9 min EMOM

Min 1: 12 one-armed Russian KB Swings (53/35)(6 left/6 right, eye level only)

Min 2: 6-8 handstand push-ups (strict/deficit of your choice for advanced) pikes from a box if you need to scale.

Min 3:  45 second plank hold (unweighted, on forearms)



4 rounds:

100m KB RUN (53/35)

20 goblet squats (53/35)

9 min cap.


Great having all the support from you guys that showed up Saturday! Our Lifted family was out in force, and I know all the teams feel the energy having you there, myself included. Thanks a ton guys. The gifted stay lifted.




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