WOD – 9-24-15 Thursday

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Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes (4 sets):

Minute one: 6-8 HSPU (kipping ok, scale to pikes on box if needed)

Minute two: 1 legless rope climb (mod with 1-2 regular rope climbs, or 3 rope planks)

Minute three: 20 double unders+6-8 HR push-ups



4 sets, for individual scores:

3 min AMRAP:

6 deadlifts (275/185)

8 alt. Dumbbell snatches (55/35)

double dumbbell/kettlebell walk (55/35) (dumpster and back, must be held in the front rack or on the shoulders)

rest 1 minute


You should have 4 individual scores at the end of this workout (4 3-minute AMRAPS). Record only your lowest score.


ANNOUNCEMENT: We have two teams competing at the Femme Royale in Las Vegas this weekend. If you feel like a road trip, meet us at CrossFit Max Effort for a Saturday of excitement!

Hilary and Jenna: Team Show up and blow up

Summer and Alisa: Team Swole Patrol


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