WOD – 9-28-15 Monday

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10-15 minutes to establish a 1RM Overhead Squat*

*We sort of worked this movement backwards because I wanted to give you guys a couple weeks to build in load and comfortable with several reps before we tried to reach into maximum percentages. While this is a day to test your 1 rep max, if the movement feels off, you lose your technique, or you are not getting to depth, please refer back to a focus on mechanics, as they are the building block of every movement, especially this one.



Wallballs (20/14)

Perform 10 burpees after each set, including the last one (the workout will end with 10 burpees).


I can’t say enough about this weekend. First off, let me congratulate Esteban G., Sal, Cesar and Susan on crushing the Spartan race on sunday. You guys conquered some miserable heat and difficult obstacles, all while being covered in mud. Excellent work.


Secondly, what a Saturday in Las Vegas! Both Team Show Up and Blow Up (Hilary and Jenna) and Team Swole Patrol (Summer and Alisa) came out swinging and held that intensity throughout all three events. In the end, Hilary and Jenna landed a 13th place finish and Summer and Alisa ended in 15th against a very talented and experienced field of athletes. It was an honor to be there and support you guys, and the passion you have for exceeding your limitations as athletes is inspiring to watch. Thanks for the fun and congratulations on a successful weekend. Back to the grind.


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