WOD – Thursday 1-30-14

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That feeling at the end of a workout^


5×3 pause squat clean (3 second pause at the bottom, heavy as possible by 5th set of 3)

beginners find 1RM squat clean


“Death by” (DB snatches 55/35, T2B)


every minute on the minute until failure:

1, 1

2, 2

3, 3 etc

reps increase by one each minute.

after failure, rest exactly 3 minutes, then:


Stay Lifted Ninja Bonus:

5 min AMRAP:

7 push-ups

7 sit-ups

7 air squats


announcments: Please don’t forget, there will be NO CLASS THIS SATURDAY FEBRUARY 1st, due to the coaches gymnastics certification in San Diego. There will be a class SUNDAY FEBRUARY 2nd at 9am to make up for it.


Also, don’t forget that the kids class this week is Thursday instead of Friday, and next week the 7:45pm class will now be 7:30pm.

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